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Singing For Everyone Com Au If you want to learn to sing, you CAN do it! All it takes is time and training and a great teacher with a method that WORKS. You have come to to the right place! As taught at UNSW, Sydney Community College, etc.

Learn To Sing Info YES, YOU CAN DO IT! I can teach you! Ever wanted to live your dream and sing with confidence and joy? Yes you CAN do it, but it does take time and effort to train your voice and your musical skills, no doubt about it. However, if you possess vocal chords, a brain and ears, then singing WELL is definitely possible for you.

Meadowbank Music Lessons Info Music Lessons in MEADOWBANK YES, you can do it, I can teach YOU! Singer and Music Teacher, Lynne Newman. Pay as you go! Book as you go! You are in charge! Come and learn in a relaxed, friendly environment from a professional, experienced teacher - let's have some FUN!

Singing Teacher Info I am a SINGING TEACHER YES, you can do it, I can teach YOU! Music is about only two things: Pitch and Time. Pitch is all about hitting the right note. Time is the other half of music and is absolutely as important as pitch. Counting is a skill that must be developed by all singers and knowing where we are in the music gives us that beautiful confidence of being sure about when to come in, no more second guessing.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Singer and Music Teacher,
Lynne Newman.
May 2014